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Top 5 Nintendo franchises that need a kick in the butt

Recently, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime asked Kotaku readers what Nintendo franchises they want to see re-worked and by what dev teams – in the same sort of vein as Project M (Team Ninja + Nintendo), aka Metroid: Other M. This got me thinking; I mean, Nintendo, far beyond any other major software maker, has defined just what video gaming is with their collection of mostly family-friendly franchises. For years Nintendo characters have headlined and starred in some of the most memorable, critically acclaimed, and nostalgic games.

We know Mario, Link, and Donkey Kong, but in recent years, Nintendo has managed to invent new franchises that have done so well, that they are quickly becoming household names in their own right (Pikmin, Wii Sports/Resort, and Cooking Mama come to mind here). So, to oblige Mr. Fils-Aime, I’m putting together my list of 5 Nintendo franchises that could use a swift kick in the rear end, whether by Nintendo proper, or by an outside team. Metroid is getting a face-lift; I think these IPs could benefit from the same:

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