By Kyoji

Rather than just harp on and on about it in a random update that you might never see, these are the ins and outs of submissions.

What We’d Want Submitted

Comics/Manga (one-shots or serials)

Short Stories (one-shots or serials)

Reviews for TV (sans sports), Movies, Comics/Manga, Anime/Cartoons, and Video Games.


Rants, Anecdotes, and Commentary

Links to any GONG oriented news or information (i.e. News about Spider-Man, the new chart for what anime is coming out this season, recent goings on at the LHC, info on the 3DS or NGC)

As mentioned in the “About”, this is an e-zine by and for Geeks, Otaku, Nerds, and Gamers. As such, those are the general topics that we’d want pitched to.  I when over the type of stuff that we want posted on here and the manner in which you can write it in the “About” as well. However, I suppose that I should go over what we mean by “…stuff that unimaginative normies would talk about.”

Any short story that doesn’t contain a theme of science fiction, fantasy, or horror will not be accepted. We won’t apply that to comics and manga, however (slice-of-life stories can actually be interesting when drawn; when written, they might come of as “Tales from MySpace”). We don’t do sports on here (unless relating to some sort of fictionalized sport); in fact, even though some of us like a little football (international football; not American HandEgg), the most that you’ll see of it would be blaring Vuvuzelas. We also want the rants, anecdotes, and commentary be things that our target demos of Geek, Otaku, Nerd, and Gamer would care about.

How DO I submit things to y’all?

Simple: Send submissions to:

So… should I format it… or…?

Basically, just title the email “[insert subject type here] Submission” and include your name and any particulars that you’d want us to post along with you submissions.

For any images or video games, we ask that you put them in a zip or rar and placed as a single attachment.

For any text or link can just be written into the body of the email.

Should I be concerned about it being SWF or NSWF?

Not really. If there’s anything that’s too raunchy, we’ll just post a little disclaimer, but we won’t censor anything.

Wow, you guys’ll take anything, so long as it fits a particular genre, won’t you?

Usually. While we don’t mind the angry rant or counter-culture chest beatings, we will most likely AUTOMATICALLY REJECT anything that is far too extreme. If you give us a movie review of Thor and say that the one thing that ruined it was there being a Norse God played by a “dirty n****r”, that’s not going to fly. If its the same review, but you comment on how angry people got about a black man playing a norse god, but not getting upset about all of the other errors relating to actual norse mythology, that’ll get posted.

Essentially, no hate speech (insofar as discriminatory); No, we MAY post a story that has racial slurs in it if there is some resounding message to it; if you write Huckleberry Finn in a manner to where it’s in outer space, we won’t drop it. Just saying slurs for the hell of it is a step too far.

Okay, Okay. So, how would i know if you accepted by submission?

We’ll drop you an e-mail letting you know if you got accepted and if you didn’t. We’ll credit you in the post (so, don’t get upset when it says “by Kyoji” up top; Kyoji just posts the stuff, you’ll get the credit)

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