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Spectacular GONG Stories #5 – Shortman’s Letter

Hello, Hello.

Kyoji here, posting a story written by an anonymous wordsmith on 4chan’s /co/ board. I take no credit for this story, and will even post the picture that he did to open up his thread that featured this 16 post story. The only thing I’ve added was the title.



This is for all you Hey Arnold fans out there.

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Spectacular Gong Stories #4 – For Whom Do the Angels Cry?

WB Johnson here. Now that I’ve become a member of the GONG family, I’ll be placing some of my stories both here and on my own blog (which has yet to be fully constructed). Now, this story is a fantasy story, as it features angels and ghosts. HOWEVER, this story might upset some people as the setting is the Iraqi War.

Now, just as a disclaimer: I don’t thing that all military people are like this. In my opinion there are 3 things that service men/women protect that make them heroes: Their Country and it’s people, their family, and their own freedom (which is part of the reason that our main character is so damn disgusting). Continue reading ‘Spectacular Gong Stories #4 – For Whom Do the Angels Cry?’


Spectacular GONG Stories #3: A Vin Winkle in Space-Time

Hello everyone; WB Johnson here.

I’ve decided to pick up our number count from the first two Wednesday Storytimes. I actually found the opening script of the original third one, in which I had retitled the feature as “Weekly Story Time”, citing how old Golden and Silver age comics would change their titles abruptly when the forgot to publish a book or merger with another.

Which I’m still going to do.

Taking nods from the golden age sci-fi magazines, silver age naming conventions, and the current DC Comics trend of reviving old features at the issue count they left off at, our Storytime will now be called Spectacular GONG Stories. And the first one is an interesting story set in a far future.

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(Delayed) Wendesday Storytime #2 Sedeciem

Sorry about not getting the second installment of our weekly story time in… well… on time. This week features another of my stories; this time with a girl who has to face the darkest part of herself. depending on various factors, I may either continue Ultraviolent or present a third new story. Either way, I hope you enjoy Sedeciem Continue reading ‘(Delayed) Wendesday Storytime #2 Sedeciem’


Wednesday Story Time #1 Ultra Violent

So, folks, keeping up with the literary tune of things, I’m going to start the first weekly thing on GONG (since I’m still trying to find a crap ton of freeware/flash games for the actual debut of Freeware Fridays). Every week, we’ll be posting a new story on Wednesday. Be it by staff or submission, we’ll put it up. In going with the theme of our site, you can make any type of story you want… ever if it’s (shudder) yaoi. Please, no fanfics. If we indeed do anything related to fan ics, it’ll be on a separate day. So, enjoy the first WST, featuring one of my stories, Ultra Violent Continue reading ‘Wednesday Story Time #1 Ultra Violent’


zer0 Story Contest

If you noticed the weird little story that popped up over the weekend, that was one of two things:

1: Me writing a story out on my DSi’s web browser.

2: The First part of a contest that we’ll be having on the site.

The little thing that I wrote is the prologue of a story idea. Now, had it not been so tedious to type it out on my DSi, it would have been the first part of an ongoing story. However, since I’m going to do that with another story that I have, I’m going to let you, the reader finish the story.

Now, the rules are:

1: You must submit the next part of the story as you think it should go.

2: The submitted work should be between 100 words and 300 words (The bit that I wrote is approximately 260ish)

3: I will give a kinda world backdrop for you to bounce stuff off of, but don;t be afraid to change it’s status quo while writing your part.

4: Submit your story to GONG at or leave it as a comment on this topic.

5: Whoever is decided on having the best submission of this round will have it added to the story. After that, the next round of the contest will be based on how the story went from there.

Good Luck, GONG readers!


Zer0 Story: A Tale of Cybernetic Folly

The years following the discovery of the Lost Metropolis were a time of unusual peace for Earth. All of the old technologies from Millennia past were able to raise the standard of living on the little gritty-blue planet. Most people who had lived underground (the ~Devils~, as topside Humans called them) were now finding places to live topside. Because nearly everyone had something to gain from the Golden Age of Technology, Devils and Humans stopped persecuting one another. For the first time since the Martian-Earthling War, there was no great hatred between the two Earth races. Of course, as with most things, the hatred shifted to a new target: Cyborgs.

Now, the governments of Venus, Earth, Luna, and Mars had come to an agreement some that all cyborgs were a threat to the natural order of things and should only be allowed to live in the Asteroid Belt. The government on Mercury didn’t really care either way; its inhabitants were 98% Robot. The other 2% was comprised of Deity-like AIs, so there was no concern for much of anybody but other Robots on their planet. They also made a quip about Venus’ agreement as being the most nonsensical, since Bioroids are nothing more than highly advanced cyborgs. Either way, it was a 4-2 decision for the move of all Cyborgs.

307 years have passed since that faithful day. And, unfortunately for a young Devil girl named Wendy, this would mean that she was about to lose everything. You see, she just awoke from having her limbs and lungs replaced with cybernetic implants.