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The Resurrection of GONG


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

This little blog has been up for quite a while, but not much has ever gone on on it. That being said, I’d like to return from my years of abandonment of this little rinky-dink site of mine. I’ve written more, seen more, and done more than I had back when I first started this as a blog for people to submit their ideas to. Since people seem to not want to do things even when begged or cooked for, its only fair to just trudge forward and do your own thing and have others come of their own volition.

GONG will still be about Geeks, Otaku, Nerds, and Gamers. But for the time being, I think it’s going to have a lot of fiction writing. I’ve made it a solid goal of mine to become a published author and what better way to start on that than to have my stories posted on here? Hell, As it is the GONG way of things, I still wish for others to do the exact same thing with their OWN stories by posting them here.

Now, I’ve gotten abit older and abit wiser, and that means that I wo passive aggressively question why people don’t submit things. People have far better things to do than post stuff on a site that isn’t theirs half the time. Hell, I came up with this site’s idea and I haven’t written for it in forever.

As such, this is going to become my little personal blog for a while.

But don’t worry; It’ll be story time soon enough.


It’s coming…

It’s been a long semster and I haven’t post diddly poop on my own e-zine…


it’s coming…
it’s coming like washington…
the present beware; the future beware
it’s coming…


Operation E-Z800

So, it’s time for me to reveil my plan for our so-called “Operation E-Z800”.

Operation E-Z800 is G.O.N.G.’s ongoing media project in which anyone who wishes to participate gets together a team of no more than 10 people to create some type of media product. Each of the projects installment(s) , published under the banner of “RETROVISION ENTERTAINMENT”, will be only $8, but still making a quality product that the people that come to G.O.N.G. would want to have.


Now, there will be 5 categories, each under one of the colours of Retrovision

Literary – (Red)

Comic/Manga – (Yellow)

Audio/Video – (Green)

Video Game – (Blue)

Mixed Media – (Purple)

All ideas should be submitted to the G.O.N.G. email of:



So, a long time ago, I had the idea to start a club on the campus of MTSU called The Student Organization for the Investigation of Supernatural Affairs (or SOISA for short). It was an interesting concept, but do to lack of interest and a Student Affairs Dean who never showed up, we never did this. But now, since I’ve got too much time on my hands, its time to pull a Third Impact on this b!tch.

SOISA will now be SOISAV the Society for Observing Interesting Science Fiction, Animation, and Video Games.

Stay tuned for more updates, activities, and member drives.


Been A Long Long Time

Sup folks. For those of you who don’t know, this magazine was created to be something like a catch-all publication for all corners of Geekdom. Now that its the summer, I believe that it time for some real journalism! Not the snobby kind that reports crap that nobody wants to read about, but awesome reviews, unbelievible stories, and a bevy of art in all of its forms.

Here’s a few things to look forward to over the summer of 09!

The first Paperback print version of GONG

The Debut of Phantasy West, a Pen and Paper RPG made by yours truely.

Actual Freeware Fridays

Operation E-Z800

GONG becoming the Official E-Zine of the MTSU Anime Club.

PerhapsĀ  a GONG Twitter.

Look forward to this things… and MORE!


Welcome to GONG

It’s October; a time for chilly weather, the return of the dead to this plain, and the open of the GONG magazine. GONG stands for Geeks, Otaku, Nerds, and Gamers. This is an e-zine for the down-troden, the cold of emotion, the… the… screw it. THIS IS AN E-ZINE FOR GEEKS, OTAKU, NERDS, AND GAMERS.

This is a place where those of us of the TRUE IRL silent minority can vocie our opinions and not have to worry about being party-vanned. We do about what WE want to do about here. We program what we wanna program, write what we wanna write, and draw what we wanna draw. This is a place for free thought to be had (unless it’s stuff that dirty normies would talk about).

If you want to talk about the Deeper Meaning of EVANGELION, you can. If you want to program a Cave Story-style game, you can. Heck, if you just want to rant about how much you hate the cheerleaders of the world and why we SHOULDN’T HAVE TO save them to save the world, YOU CAN.

GONG is looking for all types of contributors for our site (writers, artists, game programmers, and editors), so submit things to us. Our current projects are Manga, Fanfics, The E-Flop Simple S300 video game project and General Social Commentary by those of who are apart to the GONG classification.