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The First Freeware Friday

Hello all.
Kyoji here with your Wednesday fix for Freeware games. After last Wednesday’s well received demo of Cave Story and Yume Nikki, I’ve decided to post a new freeware game each Friday.

Name: Yume Nikki (Dream Diary)
Developer: Kikiyama
Category: Adventure

Yume Nikki is a little game about a girl who lives in a high rise apartment and has some, well… pretty f’ed up dreams. Once in her dream world, you have 12 different doors to explore. I I’m not going to use the term “worlds”, because within each of these doors lays a dream scape that may or may not lead to any one of the others. There will be events that may happen to you once and NEVER AGAIN. It’s all a matter of insane probability. There are 20-odd items for you to find, some easy to get, others insanely hard to get. BEFORE FOREWARNED. There is some creepy stuff in this game.

(Trivia: Yume Nikki was made using RPG Maker 2000. Also, the game DOES have an ending. Also, IT HAS A SEQUAL!).

Download link: … .10eng.rar

Name: Dōkutsu Monogatari (Cave Story)
Developer: Studio Pixel
Category: Action-Adventure

Dokutsu Monogatari, also known as the ever-popular Cave Story is an example of what a person can do if they put their mind to it. Studio Pixel, comprising of just one guy, created Cave Story over the span of 5 years.
Cave Story is about a boy who finds himself inside of a labyrinth underground cavern. Arming himself with a tiny gun (the mighty Pole Star), and becomes involved in the plight of the Mamigas, a group of cute fuzzy underground people as they fight against an evil plot that could mean the end of the world! With various weapons at your disposal, each being able to level up, multiple endings and a plethora of unforgettable characters, Cave Story harkens back to an earlier age of gaming, when games were marked as being good on the basis of awesome action and great story.

(Trivia: Cave Story is going to be released for WiiWare with a slew of new stuff sometime this year. The makers of the WiiWare version actually went to Japan to get Pixel’s permission and help on the project.)

Download Link: