By Kyoji

GONG stands for Geeks, Otaku, Nerds, and Gamers. This is an e-zine for the down-troden, the cold of emotion, the… the… screw it. THIS IS AN E-ZINE FOR GEEKS, OTAKU, NERDS, AND GAMERS.

This is a place where those of us of the TRUE IRL silent minority can vocie our opinions and not have to worry about being party-vanned. We do about what WE want to do about here. We program what we wanna program, write what we wanna write, and draw what we wanna draw. This is a place for free thought to be had (unless it’s stuff that unimaginative normies would talk about).

If you want to talk about the Deeper Meaning of EVANGELION, you can. If you want to program a Cave Story-style game, you can. Heck, if you just want to rant about how much you hate the cheerleaders of the world and why we SHOULDN’T HAVE TO save them to save the world, YOU CAN.

GONG is looking for all types of contributors for our site (writers, artists, game programmers, and editors), so submit things to us. Our current projects are Manga, Fanfics, The E-Flop Simple S300 video game project and General Social Commentary by those of who are apart to the GONG classification.



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