I’ve also been thinking about the Live-Action Mario Brothers movie.

You can turn the Super Mario Bros. movie into something that looks incredibly faithful to the games, but still have nearly the exact same dialogue.

Make King Koopa and all the people in “Dinohattan” look like they do in the games: highly evolved dinosaurs would look like Koopa Troopas.

Instead of it being the Mushroom Kingdom, call it SarasaLand, (which is were Daisy is from in the games anyway)

Make Lena into Wendy Koopa, Spike into Lemmy Koopa, and have Iggy, Wendy, and Lemmy be referred to as Koopa’s Kids.

Make all the “Goombas” either Super Big Goombas, Buzzy Beetles, and/or Dry Bones

Change Big Bertha into a BoomBoom (but still technically be a big black woman)

Those jumpy shoes are now Kuribo’s Boots.

Name Mario’s girlfriend Pauline.

Have baby Daisy not come out of an egg, but out of a ?Block at the beginning.

Make Scapelli into Foreman Spike from Wrecking Crew, with his cronies being Wario and Waluigi.

Have Scapelli turn into Donkey Kong when hit with the de-evo ray.

Koopa turns into Giga Bowser when he’s hit by the de-evo ray

Yoshi is baby sized

Flamethrowers are Fire Flowers

Have Toad (yeah, he was in the movie) look like Toad

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