Webcomic Recommendations: Kyoji’s First Two

So, I’ve decided that I should some of the amazing web-comics that I’ve read over the years, plus a few new ones, because, goodness help me, I lover being bound to a running series that I can get updates on. For a while, I’d base what day it currently was off of three things: classes, work, which web comic uploaded.

First off, I’m going to start off with the two first webcomics I ever started reading:

The illustrious, famous, and hilarious 8-Bit Theatre. Running from 2001 to 2010, this webcomic is supposed to be a straight translation of the original Final Fantasy, but various hilarious things happen, including appearances of characters from other Final Fantasy games, digs at the conventions of the original game itself, and a tight woven together continuity (there’s a joke stated in the very first few episodes that become’s true towards the end of the comics run). Even the writing is fantastically well done, which isn’t a surprise in hindsight; Brian Clevinger is the creator of the Atomic Robo comic book series. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, metaphysical hi-jinks (what happens when comic strip characters are aware of their actions from every panel in a strip? They form an army), ridiculous violence, and a total disregard for Dwarves, this webcomic is for you.

The Second Webcomic is one that’s more of a Main Comic and it’s influenced side comics.

That’s right, Bob and George; a ridiculous “retelling” of the first 6 Megaman games. Originally started as a hand drawn comic until the creator finally had to admit that he couldn’t draw worth a damn, then shifting to a sprite comic (allegedly the first sprite comic), it ran from 2000 to 2007. Aside from the hilariousness of all of the characters dying around each of the comics anniversaries (but it’s okay, because, since they’re robots, they can just be rebuilt), it’s one of the few sprite comics full of dozens of recolours that actually manages to be good. The titular Bob and George are characters from the comic’s original hand drawn strips that ended up in the Megaman Universe. But this is a different Megaman Universe to what we’re use to. In this one, most of the Robot Masters are ridiculously incompetent, as is Megaman and most of the good guys. Dr. Light accidentally programmed him to have the Prime Objective of being an Idiot and a Secondary Objective of being a Hero of Justice. Most of the recollections of the original games are grossly inaccurate due to Author intervention (this being a comic where the Author has a self insert character who does nothing but try to keep order, but ends up being a pain in the ass sometimes), Time Travel Shenanigans (which are essentially the most hated thing in the entire comic, due the to absolute bullshit time travel causes, like George being the main bad-guy of Mega Man 5) and the speculation of the event known in the comic as “The Cataclysm”, which boils down to the explanation as to why the original MegaMan characters aren’t around in MegaMan X by saying that Zero activated early and killed everyone. NOw, for the longest time, Bob and George also hosted several sub comics, some relating to Megaman, others not at all. As of this writing, the only one that’s still actually updating and being linked to from Bob and George’s front-page is MSPaint Masterpieces.


MSPaint Masterpieces, unlike Bob and George, has been epicially re-telling the original Megaman games. While it started out as generic Webcomic silliness, it progressively to more and more serious in nature and deeper in tone. By the end of the retelling of the first game, the armies of the world are outside of Wily’s Castle and Megaman is nearly crap metal. To be honest, there are times when this comic is more serious and grave in nature that the famous Rockman MegaMix manga. It’s, quite honestly, the best balance for a silly comic like Bobo and George.


Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about the Webcomics that I’ve read, but not longer keep up with anymore.


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