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Filling the Multiverse or Doing DC’s Job for Them.

So, for those of you who are familiar with American comics, you may know that there are alternate worlds in which the comic book characters interact. And by this, we mean things like, there’s a universe where everyone’s a zombie (Marvel Zombies), a planet where everyone’s evil (Earth-3), or everyone’s a furry (Earth-26).

Now, while Marvel’s alternate worlds are comprised of the Omni-verse (meaning that every possible dimension, including our own exists and can be visited), DC Comics has a much humbler 52.

The 52 is comprised of 52 identically different worlds. By that, I mean each of the 52 have a Superman and variations of the main DC world (which is Earth-0, as DC is Douche-bags). Most of the 52 are new versions of DC’s old Silver Age multiverse (Earths 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 being updated versions of the original 2, 3, 4, S, and X), DC’s more famous Elseworlds titles (Gotham By Gaslight, Dark Knight Returns, Kingdom Come, Red Son), and entire Imprint franchises (Tangent and Wildstorm). However, there are around 23 worlds that haven’t been touched on at all. 8 have had specific people show up from them/we have the jist of what their world is, and 15 of them are completely uncommitted on. Now, we’ve seen 52 different Supermen show up to save reality itself once (including Obama. Not even lying; there is a world with a black US President who also happens to be Superman), so we know that these aren’t just vacant slots with nothing going on.

Now since DC has failed to realize how cool it would be to have new writers come in a make their own worlds for the uncatalogued 23, I’ve come up with two worlds of my own.

Earth-47: Lantern’s Oath Universe

In this universe, Earth has never had superheroes, nor has it come in contact with any alien lifeforms. The reason for this being that a sentient species can only be contacted after they pass the Trail of the Lantern, in which a developed enough species is given their own versions of the Central Power Batteries and are made to master the emotion spectrum. If they pass, that means that they are able to conduct themselves emotionally well enough to join the Galactic Community. One day, Earth’s skies are turned white and the Central Power Batteries descend around the world and send rings to various people (many of which have ties to or are analogues to the Lantern Corps Members of New Earth) to test their mantle and show the power of the various emotions. Each of the Central Power Batteries also sends out an avatar of it’s most illustrious member (i.e., the Yellow One sends out an avatar of Sinestro) to find as many people who have been effected by the rings and do what they will with them. This Earth’s Boston Brand also becomes the wearer of the White Ring to warn the others of the fact that the Black Central Power Battery has formed in the Earth’s core and is feeding off of the deaths of all of mankind’s history. Should the new ring-slingers fail, the Black Lanterns will cover the planet and eradicate them entirely. Also, the bearer of the White Ring changes, as its bearer is to always die.

Earth-23: The All Magic Universe

I know that there’s already Earth-33, where everyone is magic-based, but this world is different in that the only Superheroes that exist are the ones with magic based powers or are street-level vigilantes. That means that Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman (the circumstances of her birth are mystical, but she herself is not) are not there, but Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, and Diana Price are. They’re just not superheroes. Clark Kent is still the last survivor of Krypton, but he’s just his ordinary bumbling self, working at the Daily Planet. Bruce Wayne’s parents were still shot and he still swore to end crime in Gotham, traveling the world to gain the resources to, but he does so by being a business man of high ethics, funding only the police departments that fought against mob crime, and providing any straight-laced detective the assistance that they need to bring down. Diana Prince is simply the ambassador for Themyscira. The story that I’d write about this world wouldn’t be about them, it would be about the oft-forgotten occult detective Mark Merlin, aka Prince Ra-Man.

Merlin starts the series already with the powers of Prince Ra-Man (which have been passed down his family line since ancient Egyptian times), but with only an intermediate use of them. Working with Carter Hall (who is not Hawk-Man, but is still the reincarnation of Khufu) on an excavation in Egypt. Coincidentally, they find Metron’s Mobius Chair siting within a tomb, having landed on Earth-23 after Final Crisis. Merlin sits in it, but in doing so, activates it. The chair then automatically shows him all of the knowledge that Metron had gathered, plus anything the Chair itself uncovered. essentially, Merlin learns everything that’s ever happened in the DCU, from Action Comics #1 on forward. Going momentarily insane, but becoming so insane that he was sane again, Merlin returns to his own Earth and decides to look for various items and persons and see why they are so different from the other Earths.

The book pretty much becomes DCU Doctor Who at this point, with the wacky, slightly unhinged Merlin serving in the role of the Doctor, collecting a group of Companions to adventure along with him. The first of which is an adult aged Vicki Grant, whom he gives the Hero Dial. Unfortunately, it’s stuck on what he calls “Legionnaire Mode”; the Hero Dial grants you superpowers whenever you dial in H.E.R.O., but the dial is only pulling up the powers of a few people from the Legion of Superheroes (who exist 1000 years into the future). Hilariously, it only pulls the powers of a very small percentage of powers from the Legion, as most of the powers of the Legionnaires are natural (technically, Superman doesn’t have superpowers any more than the human ability to ingest multiple foods at once; Kryptonians naturally gain their various abilities under yellow sunlight). Joining them eventually would be a slightly reformed Nemesis Kid (who’s been banished to the 21st Century), a refuge Batman Jones from the now apocalyptic Earth-51, and Thomas Kalmaku, friend of Hal Jordon.

Speaking of the Lanterns, in this world, they exist, but they’re power is considered magical. However, all of the various Lantern Corps (Red through Purple, plus the very few Black Lanterns and a single White Lantern) have always operated, clashing at various points, but keeping a seemingly impossible balance. Also, in this Universe, the reason why Earth has so many Green Lanterns is that the original ring went to Alan Scott (the Golden-Age Green Lantern) in the 30s. However, he became so use to being the interplanetary guardian of Earth, that when the Guardians asked for him to pass the torch, he refused. The Guardians asked Sinestro to wrestle it away from him, leading to Sinestro trying to simple destroy the ring. The ring then just breaks into three separate rings and each go to Hal Jordon, John Steward, and Guy Gardener. After stopping a power-hungry Sinestro from illegally extending his control over Sector 2417, the three are allowed to all operate as official Lanterns. Kyle Rayner is added later in an incident where it’s thought that one of the Earth Lanterns is dead. After whining from the other Green Lanterns, the Earth Lanterns are made to rotate on which areas of their Sector that they protect.

A few other aspects are that Dr. Fate is essentially the Superman of this Earth, the Hero Dial is usually not used by other magic users, as it could make them useĀ  a magic that counteracts their own, and Captain Marvel doesn’t exist yet.

Shazam is still off-put from the antics of Black Adam. However, Black Adam placed his powers into an amulet that has ended up with a descendant of his that also happens to be his reincarnation. Shazam knows of Billy Batson, but won’t give his power to a child. Black Adam also holds a grudge against Dr. Fate and Mark Merlin, as Nabu (whose magic and spirit fuel Dr. Fate) and the original Prince Ra-Man (as Merlin may or may not be the original’s reincarnation) helped Shazam beat his powers out of him.

I wish DC would actually do something with their extra worlds. Hell, if they want to use the ones I’ve posted, I’d LOVE to work for DC.

A man can dream, though. A man can dream…


Neon Genesis Brovangelion

Now, stop me if you’ve heard this one:

Neon Genesis Evangelion becomes an ordinary mecha show when you reverse the genders.

Seems silly at first, but then you start to think about it. Continue reading ‘Neon Genesis Brovangelion’


Slime Monsters and the Principals of Colour

Did you know that there are only 10 individual colours? Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Grey, Brown, White and Black. Every other colour is a mix of these others.