Why /m/ should die in a fire…

So, I was on 4chan’s wonderful Mecha board (know as /m/) today and I ran across this thread…

Tomino’s works + all Gundams take place in the same universe.


Anonymous 11/15/09(Sun)15:18 No.4137143

Space Runaway Ideon: The Ideon “resets” the galaxy at the end, causing Earth to be reborn & develop similarly, but slightly different to how it did before.

Invincible Superman Zambot 3: Earth is visited by “aliens” who are actually descendants of people who were outside the galaxy at the time Ideon “reset” it. The Zambot is an inferior copy of Ideon’s technology.

Invincible Steelman Daitarn 3: Using knowlege gained from studying Zambot’s technology, Professor Haran creates the Daitarn 3 & the Meganoids on Mars. After the Meganoids’ defeat, an international treaty bans cyborg technology & limits further exploration of Mars for fear of resurrecting the Meganoid threat. Further development of the Daitarn project proves economically impractical & technonolgy changes little over the next few years.

Aura Battler Dunbine: Earth is invaded by the paralel universe of Byston Well. Traces of the mystical “Aura Power” remain in the universe after the invaders are gone & various attempts are made to harness it. Arguably the most successful of these is a Super Soldier codenamed Project: D.O.M.E., a “New Type” of human with physical & mental powers rivaling those of the Meganoids. After a battery of tests, D.O.M.E.’s body is dissolved & placed in a secret storage facility on the Moon & forgotten for several years.

Mobile Suit Gundam & the rest of the UC timeline: Large scale space colonization is finally underway, but Mars remains untouched due to the Meganoid treaty. Scientists on the moon discover the remains of Project: D.O.M.E. & a secret project begins to spread his DNA throughout the population to cultivate new Super Soldiers, resulting in the “Newtype” phenomenon. With the development of Minovsky Paticles, newer, more cost effective ways are found for reproducing smaller, more efficient machines based on Zambot/Daitarn technology. Similarly, the Flanagan Institute manages to perfect the “Psycommu System” using research into salvaged Aura Battler components recovered during the Byston Well invasions. Six major space wars rage, with smaller conflicts in between; The One Year War of the original series, The Gryps War of Zeta Gundam, the 1st Neo-Zeon Conflict/Neo-Zeon Civil War of ZZ, (following which Amuro & Judau foil a plot by Neo-Zeon partisans to resurrect the Ideon) The 2nd Neo-Zeon Conflict of Chars Counterattack, The Crossbone Uprising of F91 & The Zanscare War of V Gundam.

Gundam X & Sentou Mecha Xabungle: The 7th Space War. A mass Colony Drop marks the end of the 1st age of space colonization. The Lunarians, largely unaffected by the war send a group of “reverse colonists” known as “The Innocent” due to their refusal to participate in the war that ruined civilization, to Earth to begin the Humanity Restoration Plan to help Earth recover from its damaged state. The truth about Newtypes is discovered, after which they begin to fade from existance. New governments form & old ones are resurrected. The New Earth Federation is reorganized as the “United Earth Sphere Alliance” & the second age of colonization begins. The calendar is changed to the After Colony calendar.
Gundam Wing: Conflict begins heating up in the colonies. With most of the UC & AW era’s MS technology poorly maintained & decrepit, the OZ organization recovers the surprisingly well-kept MS-01 from a museum & use it as a basis for their new line of mobile suits, remodelling it into the Tallgeese in the process. The five mad scientists, meanwhile design their gundams based on those of the previous generation. The Wing Zero is created using incomplete Blueprints from the X & Airmaster Gundams, but with Newtypes practically extinct, a new computer assist, the “Zero System” is used to replace the psycommu derived interfaces. Shortly after Wing Zero is finally built, OZ MS pilot Colin Nander is the sole survivor of one of its colony destroying assaults. He is so terrified by the experiance he goes insane. He is discharged from the MS forces & used as a test subject for an experimental suspended animation process at an OZ lunar facility. The facility is above top secret, known to only a few officials & thus will be forgotten for centuries after the organization collapses. Eventually War is abolished.

G Gundam: …And replaced with the Gundam Fight. Aura Power is rediscovered & used to fuel both colony designs & fighting techniques that otherwise defy the laws of physics. All goes well for many years untill a second attempt to harness the power of the DG Cells results in the complete destruction of civilization yet again.

Brain Powerd: After civilization begins to recover, it is disrupted once again by biomechanical creations of the DG Cells: Orphan, an attempt to regrow the Devil Gundam’s body inside the Earth that has been co-opted by a human organization & somehow altered into a spacecraft & the Antibodies, mechs created to protect it that have also been repurposed.
Overman King Gainer: The Orphan conflict has taken a terrible toll on the Earth, leaving all but a few areas a wasteland. New mechs, the Overmen are created from a fusion of traditional MS tech & Antibody-derived biomechanical parts. Eventually Earth recovers once more. The Overmen begin to fall apart as the new age of prosperity means there is little use for them. Yapan forms the Orb Union, while other governments rebuild & form the Earth Alliance & the cycle repeats again with a 3rd age of space exploration. The Cosmic Era begins.

Gundam Seed & the CE timeline: The D.O.M.E. project is restarted with the creation of George Glenn, but degredation of the original sample results in a lack of psychic ability. However, when the new “Coordinator” biotechnology is applied to the last of the original D.O.M.E.’s “descendants”, a new power, the “SEED Factor” emerges. The Coordinator/Natural split leads to renewed conflict & the resurgence of the Mobile Suit. After almost a century of near constand warfare, the colonies elect to leave the solar system, using Genesis laser propulsion units for their original purpose & turning every single colony into a Generation Ship. The dissapearance of so much manpower & resources all at once throws the economy into chaos. In desperation, the “Turn series” of MS is created, with the intention of “turning things around” for the human race. Using the forbidden technology of the DG Cells once again, the Turn-A Gundam is meant to bring everlasting peace & prosperity to Earth. It doesn’t quite work out that way. With Earth decimated once more, the inhabitants of the Moon decide to bide their time untill it has recovered enough to restore civilization once more. Many go into stasis in the recently rediscovered OZ hibernation facility.
Heavy Metal L Gaim: The wandering space colonies eventually come upon the Pentagona Star System, with five inhabitable planets which are quickly settled. A descendant of Aslan Zala (corrupted into Wallha over the centuries) becomes the king of one of them. Interplanetary disputes begin & MS technology resurfaces again in the form of the “Heavy Metals”. The king of Poseidall uses a sample of DG technology recovered from the remains of an old colony cylinder’s research lab to become immortal, but with a terrible price & embarks on a campaign to conquer the entire Pentagona system before being defeated by the heir to the Wallha throne. Wallha’s strength becomes renowned far & wide & his dynasty is thus rechristened as “The Buff Clan”.

Turn A Gundam: The Moonrace invades Earth when it has recovered enough, but the inhabitants fight back using Mobile Suits & other lost technology that somehow avoided being destroyed by the Moonlight Butterfly. Another bloody war breaks out. Eventually peace returns & a new space colonization project is declared. Rather than building new colony clusters around the Earth & repeat the mistakes of the past, humanity uses the recovered technologies of countless generations to build starships that will take mankind to the edges of the galaxy & beyond.

Space Runaway Ideon: Humanity has expanded toward the stars & settled many habitable planets. However, they soon come under attack from the people of the Pentagona system, who have degenerated into a gaggle of space barbarians. A giant robot is discovered hidden on a small planet & used to fight them. Their battle will once again lead to the death & rebirth of the galaxy. Earth returns to its familiar shape. Rinse and repeat.



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Congratulations, /m/. You just blew my mind.

Hopefully, they will redeem themselves with another math thread.

Like the one where they figured out what Klan Klan’s bra size was when she’s un-micronized.


3 Responses to “Why /m/ should die in a fire…”

  1. 1 Niko
    November 15, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    Really? Really?! This is why you think /m/ should die in a fire? You must not go to /m/ that much. This isn’t anything bad. In fact, I’d say spending time figuring out Klan Klan’s bra size is a much better reason.

  2. 2 Kyoji
    November 15, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    Don’t be silly. Klan Klan’s breast size is paramount to world peace.
    This however…
    This is just… too much

  3. 3 Alice the Sister
    December 7, 2009 at 1:44 am

    You could’ve just saved yourself all that typing and posted Niko’s facebook wall. I believe it makes a firm argument.

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