Breaking the Silence… (on your codec)

… I send this signal back:

“Snake…? Snake….? SNAKE!”


This link. Click it.

That is all…

Not really…

I saw the trailer for this a long while ago and thought the idea behind it was cool. A fan film, feature length at that, based on the Metal Gear Solid franchise, if I had the money and the time, I’d do it myself (I’ve discussed this in great detail with a dear friend, along with my plans for a Zelda movie, but that is fodder for another day, and The Hero of Time has already premiered).  MGS: Philanthropy is very well done. I just finished watching the film; it is worth a view. The makers are obviously dedicated fans, and there are a few nods to the games that are nifty. Overall, the piece is solid and is about as faithful a movie adaption a nerd could hope for.

The film takes place during the years of Philanthropy’s operations. For those not in know, Philanthropy is the name of an underground organization founded by hero of the game franchise and his otaku/haxor sidekick, Solid Snake and Otacon respectively. According to canon, after the events of Metal Gear Solid, Snake went back into retirement, only to use all that spare time to track down, destroy, and otherwise prevent the manufacture and operation of metal gears, the bipedal, often nuclear, tanks for which the series is named. This fan film takes some liberties with the mostly undocumented activities between Metal Gear Solid and Sons of Liberty and places Snake on an infiltration mission into some random near Middle Eastern hole-in-the-wall, or rather, blithe-on-the-map. He is joined by two new members, recruited by some diplomat that happens to also be a member of the merry Philanthropist group, and their mission is to rescue this diplomat’s father – a Senator no less.

Of course, it doesn’t take long for things to turn out to be more than what they seem and many questions are raised, and none get answered. Why? Well this project seems to be broken into parts. Part one is out now; part two I assume is on the way. Maybe.

In any event, the film works more than it doesn’t. The sound and picture quality are high, though the vocal mix is a little hot and is off sync in few scenes. The titles and many of the visual effects are fantastic, very professional looking. Not to say that they aren’t professional, but this isn’t a licensed, studio film. it was made by fans – most likely for fans. I don’t think Konami or Kojima Productions – let alone Kojima-san himself – will be taking much action on this, if any. It’s free promotion for their awesome games. Plus, the mythos has been expanded in an Alt-U fashion that carry fan interest in-between canon titles – like Rising, which, according to an interview I skimmed over in the latest issue GamePro yesterday, is still on the drawing board basically. How exactly do you officially announce a title, but NOT EVEN HAVE A GAME YET? Really, this makes all the anticipation I had for Rising just slip away.

I’m just saying… MGS4was at least announced with a real trailer…

This Metal Gear Fan Movie is 100% Solid, Man (via Topless Robot)

For the Protomen reference, you are most welcome. Zasalamel has returned to GONG.

Good day.

Taken from A Tokin 4 Your Thoughts.


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