zer0 Story Contest

If you noticed the weird little story that popped up over the weekend, that was one of two things:

1: Me writing a story out on my DSi’s web browser.

2: The First part of a contest that we’ll be having on the site.

The little thing that I wrote is the prologue of a story idea. Now, had it not been so tedious to type it out on my DSi, it would have been the first part of an ongoing story. However, since I’m going to do that with another story that I have, I’m going to let you, the reader finish the story.

Now, the rules are:

1: You must submit the next part of the story as you think it should go.

2: The submitted work should be between 100 words and 300 words (The bit that I wrote is approximately 260ish)

3: I will give a kinda world backdrop for you to bounce stuff off of, but don;t be afraid to change it’s status quo while writing your part.

4: Submit your story to GONG at gongzine@gmail.com or leave it as a comment on this topic.

5: Whoever is decided on having the best submission of this round will have it added to the story. After that, the next round of the contest will be based on how the story went from there.

Good Luck, GONG readers!


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