zer0 Story Backdrop

The year: 165,987 AD (basically, the far future)

Places: The Inner Solar System of Earth, much of which has been terraformed as much as possible.

Mercury is the home planet to the Robots of the Solar system. It’s a dry desert that has it’s day side blanketed by a huge array of solar panels that keep the surface from being insanely hot. Still around 250 degrees on most days, but it’s not Lead Meltingly Hot. Most Robots don’t really care one way or the other about the rest of the Solar System unless it’s really REALLY important.

Venus is now a very humid swampy planet. It’s inhabitants are the Bioroids. Made from an ingenious mixture of flesh and technology, the Bioroids were once thought of as the next step in human evolution. However, thanks to the plot of an evil organization, 90% of the Bioroid population look like Humanoid Insects. (Think an entire world of SIC figure Kamen Riders). Bioroids rather like their swampy world and usually only leave for scientific or intellectual reasons. They also happen to be very nosy busy-bodies.

Earth is a bit messy then it is today. Instead of being the nice blue planet, it’s more of gritty blue planet, thanks to centuries of war and techno-terrorism. On the surface of the planet remain the Humans. Underneath the surface are a branch race of Humanity called Devils. Devils are so named because of their red skin, horns and pointed tails. Devils just appeared on Earth one day and nobody remembers how it happened. All that can be remembered is that it happened during a world wide catastrophe occurring in the early 21st Century. Most people have small cell-phone devices that use a form of nano-technology and advanced AI. These devices are capable of doing things that almost look like magic, hence their name: Magi-cells. The inhabitants of Earth were usually bigoted towards one another, but soon came to accept their differences… to hate our races.

Luna (Earth’s, now, autonomous Moon) is home to the space-faring Stelleroid race. Dependants of genetically altered astronauts, Stelleroids look like Greys. They have very large eyes and tiny noses, but still have hair and… unmentionables (read: sex bits and boobies). Created to like in the harshness of space, they are need impervious to radiation and have chlorophyll for emergency photosynthesis if needed. A very amicable race, they act as the guardians of interplanetary space for the other planets. Luna itself is a very nice place with interconnection domed cities and techno-organic Silver Forests.

Mars. Red Rocks. Red Rocks and Douche Bags. The Martians are the most snobby of the races in the Inner Solar System. Because of their closeness to the mineral rich Asteroid Belt and their abundant cropland, they consider themselves to be the shining Metropolis of the Solar System (with the United Space Colonies being little more than commuter suburbs of the other planets, Earth being a back alley, Luna being a glorified airport, Venus being a back water, and Mercury a place for hoity-toity robots to go talk about everybody behind their backs). Basically, the entire planet is America at its worst elitist moments. It’s inhabitants have a layer of fur on 75% of their bodies to insulated them from the cool Martian air.

The United Space Colonies dot the various geosynchronous and Le Grange points of the Inner Solar System, serving as interplanetary communes and communities.

Now, with this backdrop to work off of, GO CRAZY!


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