Submit Your Fave Game Tracks For GONG TopX

So, I had a brilliant idea for a Top X list. It’s been a little while since I posted something good over here, but I don’t want this to be all up to me. I figure the best way to make this Top X the best it can be is to get you, the readers, involved!

The list in question: Best Video Game Music.

I’m talking individual tracks here if at all possible. I want you guys to submit to me right here the game music you just can’t out of your head. What 8-bit tunes fill your memories? What epic score gets your blood pumping or makes the hair on the back of neck rise?

Letting you know up front, tracks from the following are sure to be fighting for a spot on the list somewhere:

*Super Mario Bros.  *Metroid  *Zelda  *Final Fantasy  *Metal Gear  *Megaman  *Castlevainia

Don’t be bashful, submit as many songs/themes/games as you like. You may just see your picks on the list.

There are a few rules:

1) Song must be IN/APART OF the game. [no promo only/commercial only tracks]

2) No commercially released tracks unless they were specific to a particular game [ex. “Haze” by Korn is ok; “It’s Tricky” by RUN DMC isn’t]

3) A specific track is preferable, but if you can’t remember the name or the exact level/cutscene, give the name of the GAME, and as best a description of the level/cutscene as you can – someone may know the answer or I may discover another track [and the interwebs is vast…]


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