Burn Your Bread

I’ve been on a Persona/Megami Tensei kick for the last month or so (Thanks to Devil Survivor and P4).

While doing research on various tarot things, I came across a little test.
It determines what Arcana you fall under do to your birthdate.

Now, oddly enough, Carl Jung (a famous creator of Analytical psychology) noted that each of the Major Arcana of the Tarot symbolized various overlaying themes within the collective unconscious.

Because of this, I wondered whither or not if people tended to follow the archetype of their “Birth Arcana.”
We, as humans tend to due on of two things:
1. Break away from and fight against the what we think of as “labels” given to us by other people
2. Internalize these concepts and work alongside them as a realistic and feasible side to ourselves.

Think of this test what you will, as all of us display every aspect of the Major Arcana within the span of our lives. The following is the test:

To determine your birth arcana, use the simple formula (month of birth) + (day of birth) + (first two digits of birth year) + (last two digits of birth year), then take the two digits and add them together. If you end up with a three-digit number, then add the first two digits to the third.

For example, using my own birthdate,October 6th, 1987:

Birth Month = 10
Birth Day = 6
First two digits of birth year = 19
Last two digits of birth year = 87

10 + 6 + 19 + 87 = 122, 12 + 2 = 14

Take the result and match it with the appropriate Arcana number. In my case, Arcana XIV is Temperance. Then, take the two digits and add them together for the second card in the pair.

1 + 4 = 5

As a result, my Arcana pairing is Temperance (XIV) and the Hierophant (V).

Also note that if you end up with 19 initially, your Arcana will be a triple set: The Sun, the Wheel of Fortune, and the Magician (19, 10, and 1).

For brief reference, these are the 22 Arcana and their meanings:

0 Fool – Beginning of Life or a Journey/Quest for Power & Knowledge/ Renewal
1 Magician – Path to obtain wisdom/ Self Aware Risk
2 High Priestess – Power over self/ Personal Empowerment
3 Empress – Love, Abundance, Nurturing, Pleasure, Growth.
4 Emperor – advice, Wisdom through Experience, Authority, Grounding
5 Hierophant – Examination of our own beliefs and their importance.
6 The Lovers – Passion, Infatuation, Arousal, Growth of Relationships, Intuition
7 The Chariot – Focus and Drive to accomplish a goal in life/ Struggle and Triumph
8 Justice – Knowledge of vices, voice of your conscience, fair play
9 Hermit – Enlightenment, Wisdom, Deliberate conscious approach
10 Wheel of Fortune – Destiny, Looking at the negative – find the positive.
11 Strength – Control over self and inner being/ Triumph
12 The Hanged Man – Submission to God’s Will/ Living for others
13 Death – A major change on a catastrophic scale; not always bad/ The End
14 Temperance – Wisdom, Patience, Tolerance, confidence/ Moderation
15 The Devil – Sin/ Being held back by one’s personal desires
16 The Tower – Sudden Change, Usually Shocking/ An Awakening
17 The Star – Optimism, Hope, Meaning, Faith in Life
18 The Moon – The sub-conscious, confusion, uncertainty
19 The Sun – Happiness, the waking conscious, clarity
20 Judgment – Fulfillment, Rewards and/or Punishments for past efforts or actions
21 The World – Achievement and Integration, seeing the whole picture.

I think it’s kind of funny that the Arcana of the Main Characters of Persona 3 and 4 are that of the Fool; which is unattainable by this method…


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