Zer0 Story: A Tale of Cybernetic Folly

The years following the discovery of the Lost Metropolis were a time of unusual peace for Earth. All of the old technologies from Millennia past were able to raise the standard of living on the little gritty-blue planet. Most people who had lived underground (the ~Devils~, as topside Humans called them) were now finding places to live topside. Because nearly everyone had something to gain from the Golden Age of Technology, Devils and Humans stopped persecuting one another. For the first time since the Martian-Earthling War, there was no great hatred between the two Earth races. Of course, as with most things, the hatred shifted to a new target: Cyborgs.

Now, the governments of Venus, Earth, Luna, and Mars had come to an agreement some that all cyborgs were a threat to the natural order of things and should only be allowed to live in the Asteroid Belt. The government on Mercury didn’t really care either way; its inhabitants were 98% Robot. The other 2% was comprised of Deity-like AIs, so there was no concern for much of anybody but other Robots on their planet. They also made a quip about Venus’ agreement as being the most nonsensical, since Bioroids are nothing more than highly advanced cyborgs. Either way, it was a 4-2 decision for the move of all Cyborgs.

307 years have passed since that faithful day. And, unfortunately for a young Devil girl named Wendy, this would mean that she was about to lose everything. You see, she just awoke from having her limbs and lungs replaced with cybernetic implants.


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