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Operation E-Z800

So, it’s time for me to reveil my plan for our so-called “Operation E-Z800”.

Operation E-Z800 is G.O.N.G.’s ongoing media project in which anyone who wishes to participate gets together a team of no more than 10 people to create some type of media product. Each of the projects installment(s) , published under the banner of “RETROVISION ENTERTAINMENT”, will be only $8, but still making a quality product that the people that come to G.O.N.G. would want to have.


Now, there will be 5 categories, each under one of the colours of Retrovision

Literary – (Red)

Comic/Manga – (Yellow)

Audio/Video – (Green)

Video Game – (Blue)

Mixed Media – (Purple)

All ideas should be submitted to the G.O.N.G. email of: