5 Misconceptions in Transformers ROTF

Now, I’m not talking about Mr. Devastator’s … “Constructicles”. I’m talking about the odd things that people have either missed or misinterpreted in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

5. That’s Not Devastator!

Of course, the most obvious of these is that the huge Decepticon with crazy wheel legs is, in fact, NOT DEVASTATOR. The crazy big robot is Demolishor. Since it was the hugest thing seen in the movie trailer, most people would assume that it would be the final combined form of the Constructicon team. So, breathe a sigh of relief, Constructicons.

4. That’s Not Barricade!

In the nice opening of the movie, while in Shanghai, the Decepticon that Sideswipe cuts in half isn’t Mr. Bad Police Car from the first movie. This particular Transformer is Sideways. Somewhat hearkening back to his original appearance in Armada (in which he was a Decepticon that ‘defected’ to the Autobots to be a spy), he’s the only straight-up car Decepticon in the movie.


That’s right, true believers. The huge helicopter that airlifts Sam to his ‘doom’ and gets the shit kicked out of him by Optimus, IS TOTALLY NOT BLACKOUT. Apparently, it’s a new Decepticon made BY SCORPONOK IN THE DESERT out of THE PIECES OF BLACKOUT. Mr. Grindor seems to have been made for the exact same reason that they gave Starscream’s new toy crazy tattoos: to fucking sell a new toy. All in all, Grindor is Blackout without being Blackout.

2. Wait, What are you again, Missy?

The second most (I’ll get to that in a second) confusing Decepticon in the movie has to be little miss cocktease (no, not Megan Fox), Alice. Of course, since Ravage showed up a few minutes before Alice gives Sam a (pardon my TERRIBLE pun) the tongue-lashing of a life-time, people thought that she could have been Ravage; what with the crazy whip tongue. However, Alice is a Pretender. Pretenders (which haven’t shown up since they’re debut back in the late 80’s) are basically Transformers who transform into Humans. Since nobody wants to buy a GI Joe that turns into Bumblebee, they were scrapped a long time ago. Pretty sneaky, Michael Bay…

1. Where my Constructicons at!

It was nice to see the most remembered Combining team of G1 Transformers in the movie (even if he was a huge crocodile/gorilla/vacuum cleaner), but there was something very… off about the Constructicons. Mainly the fact that they seem to come out of nowhere.

There are 8 Constructicons: Demolishor, Mixmaster, Scrapper, Long Haul, Rampage, Scavenger, Hightower, Overload. All but Demolisher combine into Devastator. Now, that would be just fine and dandy, IF THEY WEREN’T DEAD OR SOMEPLACE ELSE WHILE THEY’RE DEVASTATOR.

A. Scrapper (Dev’s Right Arm) dies early on when three other Constructies cannibalize him to fix Megatron before his resurrection.

B. Rampage (Dev’s Left Leg) is actually busy dealing with/housing Sam’s parents for a trap that Starscream sets while Dev is stomping around. He then gets totally fragged by Bumblebee.

C. Long Haul, Scrapper (again), and Mixmaster (Dev’s Left Leg, Right Arm, and Head) are seen in the final battle with the Autobots.

Now, this is odd in the fact that this means that there have to be multiple versions of certain Constructicons. Scrapper alone has three iterations. This wouldn’t be as bad for the others, either, if it weren’t for the fact that all of them have to be apart of Devastator, who gets blown up as the basic start of the last battle scene.

One theory is that there are multiple Constructicon teams. Another is that the protoforms took their forms after they died. One more is that maybe some of them survived after Devastator gets blown up. The latter can’t really work, as Dev was formed and running while Rampage was helping Starscream.

Maybe the mystery of the Constructicons will be solved when it comes out on DVD. Perhaps, the novelization provides an explanation.

But only time will tell. In the mean while, I leave you with… THE TOUCH.


1 Response to “5 Misconceptions in Transformers ROTF”

  1. 1 Zasalamel
    June 28, 2009 at 4:34 am

    You know, I did notice that there seemed to be multiple versions of Constructicons in that final battle. It’s possible that the protoforms used their elder brothers as templates, but most of the Decepticons involved in the firefight are clearly pure protoforms. I don’t know, man, they just randomly through in 13 unnecessary protos for a fight that was already theirs had they been more focused. But they wouldn’t be Decepticons if they actually waged a war intelligently now would they?

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