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Transform and BLOW UP!

Since about 1984ish, Hasbro’s Transformers series has been one of the most successful toylines in American history. Right after the long lived lives of the G.I. Joes (perhaps the only remaining military unit to never have public backlash for fighting terrorists) and the Immortal Lich Queen herself, Barbie, the Transformers have existed in as many forms as they could think of. Back when they first started out, the robot warriors from Cybertron were things like guns, Tracker Trailers, Bomber jets, and Datsun 280ZX’s. Hell, we thought that the fact that one of them could turn into a train and a space shuttle was the most far out, bodacious thing ever. Nowadays, they turn into cars that don’t even frickin exist.  That shows the power of the Transformers in the hearts of the people.


Because of this trust and love for Transformers, it’s difficult for us to see them in ways different from what we are use to. We all have our own interpretations of the lore of Transformers; that’s why we usually tend to hate anything that’s not the original 1980’s cartoon. We all hold it to be the shining, untouchible Bible of the Transformers world. However, no matter how much we love the Transformers, the various tv shows and what not are made to do one thing and one thing only: SELL FUCKING TOYS. That’s why we get things like Bayformers. It’s Micheal Bay’s iteration of the lore of the Transformers and a new way for Hasbro to sell toys.

Nowm I have seen the new movie, and for the next couple of days, I will be writing my reviews and musings on Revenge of the Fallen.

Before forwarned; there will be spoilers.

Now, Autobots; Transform and Roll Out! / Decepticons; Transform and Rise Above!