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E3 Review

Now that we’re a week removed from the opening of E3, I think it’s time to reflect. By now, you’ve read the previews, reviews, and op-eds; you’ve watched the various press confrences, demos, trailers, and teasers. It’s time I add my two cents to the discussion.

Zasalamel’s E3 Wrap-up

Ok, I’m not professional journalist, nor was I at the conference, but like so many others out there in the interspace and on he bloggersphere, I was watching the live coverage, reading the impressions, and all that mess. Some of you probably saw my tweet/facebox updates on the games that really struck me. There weren’t many, but the few that there were are some pretty big reveals.  Not all of them are complete surprises, that’s cool.  Others came out of left field – pleasant little treats.

Well, let’s do this…

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