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Salvation from T3 – Terminator Salvation

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Terminator Salvation is out in theaters today. Following up on a poor third movie and from what I hear a decent enough series that was relegated to probably the least prime time of prime time slots out there, Salvation serves to show us what has been talked about and shown in brief glimpses: the battle between humanity and Skynet. How does that fair? well enought but not outstanding. Continue reading ‘Salvation from T3 – Terminator Salvation’



For those of you that happen to be fans of Metal Gear Solid and Kojima Productions, you may want to keep an eye on this teaser site.  I know I will be.


Update 5/22/09:  At 8pm CST, the website countdown reached zero, only to be replaced by a new countdown for next update.  IGN and Kotaku both reported earlier yesterday that the next issue of Famitsu in Japan will be an all PSP/PS3 issue, and inside the could be coverage of a new Metal Gear game.  A preview listing from 7-Eleven is the source of the news and the issue is due to hit Japanese stands around the 29th or 30th I believe.

Back to the website, the field is now experiencing a serious thunderstorm, complete now with rain.  Periodicly, the lightning reveals the following: “E… e… 3… 5…”  Could this be a hint?  An official E3 announcement?!




So, a long time ago, I had the idea to start a club on the campus of MTSU called The Student Organization for the Investigation of Supernatural Affairs (or SOISA for short). It was an interesting concept, but do to lack of interest and a Student Affairs Dean who never showed up, we never did this. But now, since I’ve got too much time on my hands, its time to pull a Third Impact on this b!tch.

SOISA will now be SOISAV the Society for Observing Interesting Science Fiction, Animation, and Video Games.

Stay tuned for more updates, activities, and member drives.


Movie Review – X-Men Origins: Wolverine

First things first: Deadpool is NOT Deadpool.

There, with that settled, all of you hardcore Deadpool fans can stop reading (not sure why you guys would be to begin with, but…) and everybody else can get a taste of my review.  Obviously, Origins is the story of Wolverine’s, er, origins.  We start with his mutant manifestation and travel through time, following Logan and half-brother Victor Creed [Sabertooth] through their exploits as soldiers – American Civil War, WW1, WW2, and Vietnam.  Finally, Stryker shows up and offers the two a free pass out of prison (for going all berserker on friendly troops) in exchange for their services on his “special team.”  All this in the span of the opening credits and some change. Continue reading ‘Movie Review – X-Men Origins: Wolverine’


And on the 10th year, Red stood upon Mt. Silver once again… And waited.

Once upon a time, there were two games called Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. Now, these two games were amazing and everyone showered them with praise.

Then, the dark times came. Pokemon became terrible. Girls couldn’t be competent trainers; Pokemon looked like reject Digimon; there were WAY too many Legendaries. But then, a ray of light came in the for of the reincarnated forms of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green. They blessed the children of the dark age and there coming fortold of the coming of thier children: Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver.

Now, the time for these two shining children to retun to us has finally happened:

That’s right, folks! Pokemon Gold and Silver are getting remakes on the DS/DSi!

Dubbed “Pokemon Heart Gold” and “Pokemon Soul Silver”, the epic, two country spanning masterpiece will be hitting Japan’s store shelves close too, if not on the 10th anniversary of release of the original Gold and Silver. This will most likely mean that when it comes to America, it will be release on our 10th year Anniversary date.

Thanks/Shootouts go to Bulbapedia and Nintendo JP for the source.


Wire-tapping and My Childhood

This was brought to my attention last week. Thought I’d share.

Your Government Not at Work – Jane Harman Scandal

Obviously, the Rangers were pressuring the government for more ways to protect us poor helpless masses. So what if a few terrorists had to be let off the hook, the Rangers would get them anyway…

Thank you Jon Stewart.


Album Review: Utada – This is the One

For Hikaru Utada’s second attempt at breaking into the US market, I must say, I’m impressed.

As a Recording Industry major at MTSU, I’ve spent the last 4 years exploring all the many ways that the music industry has imploded on itself, while at the same time, exploded beyond all imagination. Back in 2004, when Utada released Exodus, the RIAA (the representative body of the recording industry – read: the 4 major labels) was actively sueing people.  Customers.  As in little girls who downloaded Avril Lavigne on their grandma’s computer because they had no money to buy the over-priced CD with only, maybe, 3  tracks they even liked and they happened to know that bandwidth was (and still is) way cheaper than gas and the aforementioned plastic circle.  Also, the only way to get good music at reasonable prices seemed to be on the interent.  And, oddly enough, that music was free.

Exodus went unnoticed by everyone, with the exception of her loyal fans (who only became fans because of Kingdom Hearts), that poor little girl’s family had to pay out way more money than even Avril Lavigne is worth, and music is still abundant – and free – on the internet.

Having said all that, This is the One brings up several good questions:

1. Utada, one of the most popular musicians in ASIA, has another English album – so what?

2. Even if I did care, why do I?

3. If by chance I did want to own this, why pay for it? Torrents are free, nigga!

Well, so are many direct downloads, and truthfully, I nearly pirated this album myself.  For the record, I didn’t (thank you iTunes).  As for why you should care, it’s Utada we’re talking about.  If you are reading this at all, you probably have “Simple and Clean,” “Sanctuary,”  and/or the Japanese originals on your iPod right now.  And if you missed out on Exodus, shame on you.  She happens to be a very unique artist compared to whats mainstream in the states right now, what with her cryptic, poetic writing and her luscious voice.  Despite being a little strained in the high registers, she has a decent range and she works it out on just about every track she does – English, Japaneses, doesn’t matter.

Now, Exodus is a weak album in terms of contemporary American R&B.  The lyrics are little too Japanese for typical American audiences and the album seems juvenile because of that.  It’s still one of my favorite albums.  This is the One, however, does what Exodus probably should have done for an American release.  This album is full of potential radio banggers – “Come Back to Me,” “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI,” “On and On” just to name a few – and the beats on this album are much more accessible to us gaijin.  Her writing is more straight forward this time around, and she’s just as horny and sex-crazy now as she was on Exodus, cracking lines like “during my nine-to-five/I’m thinking six and nines” on “Dirty Desire.”  There’s also some heartache and growth to be had, like the opening track (“Come Back to Me”) and the catchy “Apple and Cinnamon.”  She even busts out an old-school, club-jazz inspired club dance track (“Poppin'”).

There is no reason not to listen to this album. The most unfortunate thing about this album is that it panders to western mainstream sensibilities.  Thankfully, it doesn’t suck.  Should you buy it, of course, is different.  If you are a fan of Utada – buy this album and support her as you should.  Otherwise, while I can’t officially condone pirating (stealing), I will say that and others like it are free.  Stream the album there and she still gets paid – in fact, she probably gets paid more via online streams/downloads than she does via physical record sales.  Not that that mattes much, you won’t be seeing this in any Walmart anytime soon.