Why I don’t like DiC

So, here I am, writing my first article for GONG. What’s a girl to write about? Something that she’s excited, yet annoyed about, of course.
When I was young and still in the I-want-to-be-a-Disney-princess phase, I watched the DiC version of Sailor Moon. I car pooled with my friend Diana at the time. I would get home in time to watch most of SM and tell her all about it the next day. She wanted to be Sailor Venus, I opted for Sailor Mecury.

The first thing that clued me in to the possibility that the SM version I was watching was a load of BS was a boy. This boy, in 6th grade, had the SM manga. The little magazaines that only had one chapter at a time, but usually had color for the first couple of pages. (I later dated this boy, perhaps hoping he had learned something about what girls want from a guy from SM. He hadn’t.) The manga was so different. Tuxedo Mask didn’t throw roses (not once in 18 volumes) and make lame speeches. He admitted to being a thief, made a badass villain, and had his own powers as the prince of Earth. Sailor Moon was the comedic relief, but in a crisis she was hardcore! In order to stop Tux from using the silver crystal’s power to take over the Earth, she got him with a poisoned sword, then used the same sword on herself in despair! Plus, there are points in the manga where it is clear they had a sexual relationship. (It’s a good thing my mother thought Sailor Moon was a kiddie show and didn’t understand my need to read all 18 ‘comic’ versions.)

Sailor Moon prompted my dive into the online anime world, spending a great deal of time on the Sailor Moon Romance Archives (especially the Hentai). It also lead me to other awesome anime and manga series. When Hastings first had their graphic novel section open, it was just two or three shelves, filled with Urusei Yatsura, Oh! My Goddess, Battle Angel Alita and, of  course, Sailor Moon. While I can trace my anime history back to Yume no naka no Rondo (Gigi and the Fountain of Youth) and Pokemon, Sailor Moon is where I really got my start.

Now why in the world do I bring this all up? Because the lovely Tina lent me the original Japanese episodes of Sailor Moon. It was corny in places (Why the speeches Tux? Admit it – a 12 year old girl is your writer.), but in taking out all things not ‘fit’ for sensitive American viewers, DiC made a fun and occasionally intensely dramatic series into a trite mess. To compare the versions in a way I hope people who have never watched or read an episode will understand, I turn to a Pokemon reference.

Sailor Moon manga = Pokemon manga/original game

Original Sailor Moon anime = First season of original Pokemon anime

DiC Sailor Moon = The worst season of dubbed Pokemon you know ( I personally spared myself the brain trauma and have only caught enough to know it’s gone bad).

Thanks for reading, peoples! I’m off to play my daily Animal Crossing.


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