More Power Rangers!

Good news everyone. Power Rangers will continue to air as usual, so it seems.

How is this news? I’ve been meaning to type up a post about the “supposed” end of Power Rangers, brought on by this New Zealand article about PR’s last season to shoot at its home since 2003 when Power Rangers Ninja Storm began filming in NZ instead of US.

Now, it seems I’ve lucked out. According to a Bandai press release Henshin Justice picked up, PR still lives on!!!

Given, this is a Bandai press release, and I often suspect some amount of communication discrepancy between Bandai and PR parent company Disney, as shown in Bandai of America’s Power Rangers TCG having names not matching the series. Still, I believe this is close as we’ll get, as Disney has been pretty tight lipped about the recent season.

Either way though, Power Rangers RPM has been doing pretty decent, quality wise. The opening episodes really suprised me with how good they actually were, a far cry from the mind-liquifying stupidity of Operation Overdrive just two seasons prior.

Now, how will Disney actually adapt Shinkenger?


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