Second Horror Story (Soul Taker)

My name Alexander McDougal. I’m 22 years old, and, until a few months ago, I lived in a fairly normal state of existence. Most things didn’t faze me back then. I was your ordinary, fresh-out-of-college working class guy who just wanted to enjoy his youthful years. While I don’t think I thought I was invincible, I did feel like there was nothing that could stand in the way of my destiny.

But, just like the saying, all good things must come to an end.

I was driving back home from a friend’s house that night. We had stayed up and drank a bit while watching a bunch of old movies. He offered for me to spend the night, just in case if I had had to much to drink. I refused, thinking that I had been responsible enough to drink just so much, so it wouldn’t impair my driving. I got in my car and headed home, taking the back-roads, just in case if I had underestimated how much of a lightweight I can be. The roads that lead into my town aren’t all that big, but they’re big enough for people to park on the sides of the street and there still be two, full functioning lanes. As I turned down one of the hidden paths on my secret route towards home, it began to rain. It was almost serial as to how sudden and heavy the rain came down. I turned on my high beams and slowed down; I may know the route, but it’s still a back-road. The road was thick with water, so I sped up just a bit to avoid getting stuck outside if it got any worse.
No matter how many times I run it thru my memory, I still don’t remember how I could have not seen her.
It was all so sudden.

A bluish blurred shape in the rain.
The realization that it was a person.
The panic of trying to avoid him.
The horror of knowing that its too late.
Hearing the sound of a human body being slammed into a car, followed by it being sucked under and crushed by the grinding, halting tires.
The sickening silence of heavy pouring rain after its all over.

I jolted open my car door and stared madly into the rain as it beat at me, as if to pass judgment on me for what I had done. I hurried to the front of my car to see, vainly, if the person was still alive. I nearly threw up when I saw what I had done. Trapped under my wheel was a young girl. She couldn’t have been day over 12 years old. She was laid flat on her back, staring blankly into the falling sky, with pale, dead eyes. Her body was wrapped in a large blue cloth, with some huge, plank shaped object wrapped in with her. Her left arm and leg where caught underneath the front of my car. The angle at which they where made my stomach drop and my head spin. If she wasn’t dead, she’d have to be in shock from having her entire left side nearly ripped off and tangled underneath my grill and wheels.

That’s when she looked at me, smiled, and threw up a gushing stream of blood.

The feeling in my stomach was horrible. She started to extend her right arm towards me, making more of her blood run out of her mouth. I grabbed her hand, so as to confirm to her that there was someone there with her, trying to help. I remember that the rain had stopped pouring down and have become a soft drizzle. The panic of thinking that you’ve taken a person’s life makes a person not notice things like this. I bent down towards her, clutching her hand tightly reassure use both. I could smell the irony blood all around her as I asked her if she could still hear me. Her eyes wobbled as they focused on my face. Her lips began to move, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying. I put my ear closer to her mouth, but all I could understand was what sounded like the words “take” and “eight”. I reached for my cell phone, but I couldn’t feel it in my pockets. Staring back into her eyes, I told her to hang on, while I find my cell phone and call for help. I scrambled to the front seat of my car, leaping in light to get my phone as quickly as possible. My hands darted quickly over and under all of the junk and assorted papers and books that littered my car. After about 5 minutes of searching, I feel my phone stuck in my seat. Grasping the phone, I yank it out and began to frantically dial 911.
The phone was silent.
Without even checking to see if my phone was dead, I dialed again.
Same response.
I looked at my phone to see what the problem was.
Full battery and full signal.
I dialed about 6 more times, getting dead silence, until my car slammed down to the pavement. My whole body when cold and numb at the same time. The most horrific picture of what had just happened burned it’s why through every fiber of my being; physical, mental, and spiritual. The weight of my car was too much for her body to handle, so, it crushed her completely. I stumbled out of my car, ran over to the side of the road and threw up, realizing that I’ll have to check her body. I turned to check my car, but I didn’t see her. I ran over my car and could only find a runny puddle of blood. Confused and horrified, I looked under the car and fell around the sides of the tires.
Nothing; just blood and dirt. I jerked up to look at the other sides of the car, when, suddenly, the rain stopped completely. I looked up at the sky in a bewildered daze , as I put my head back down, the girl was standing in front of me. Her eyes were full and living again, but she stared at me blankly. I walked towards her, nearly crying upon seeing her battered frame again.

Just as I got a foot away from her, she screamed. The scream was soon loud that my cell snapped in my hand, and the windows of my car cracked and shattered. I felt wobbly and lurched over, only to be caught be the girl. I felt both of her arms slide under mine to brace me. I looked down to see that her body was no longer damaged, but they were still covered in blood.
“You,” she said.
“You are Life Taker 88.”

She pulled the plank from out of the torn blue cloth wrapped around her. She swung it at me. I felt it pass through me; like a warm wind on a cold day. I looked up at her, holding my body. She knelt down and kissed me on my lips.

“You’ve taken my life, so I’ll take your soul. When I get 100, I can go back home.” She sucked her lips tightly, taking the air out of my lungs. I felt my right lung collapse. I tried to scream, but I had no air to do it with. As if to punish me, she jabbed my diaphragm. I hunched over, only to be kicked backwards onto the pavement. She jabbed the plank into my chest. I couldn’t feel the pain. It began to glow. The brighter it grew, the more my conscious began to slip away. She laid down next to me and began to stroke my hair. She told me that I wouldn’t be alone where I was going. It was a brilliant blue went she kissed me again.

The girl pulled the plank out of me and began to chop my body apart. She was covered in my blood. She took no happiness, no ecstacy in killing me. She is the Soul Taker, and until she has her Hundred souls, she’ll be waiting. Waiting to take life for life.

She walked back into the woods. The rain began to pour down again. She unwrapped the blue cloth and rubbed the faces printed on her body. The newest face felt hot to the touch. It was over her heart. He was the first person to help her. She smiled softly and stared into the rain.

Who will be number 89?


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