” A rocker who works like an ant/ Are you preparing for winter?/ I am the Last stalker/ I can always have fun”

This is the story of the last stalker.
In the past, a certain young man went through a large amount of childhood trauma. He saw his father killed before him; he watched as his mother fought with an abusive boyfriend, which ended up with them moving out of state; he even learned that his mother gave away his twin sibling, after lying for years that he was an only child, all because she wouldn’t be able to buy necessities with two children.

Like many people, he bottled up his rage, and presented a false happiness to mask his emotional scars. His mother remarried and things were going very well in everyones life. However, his parents constantly argued. After he had spent a year or so in college, the young man decided to come home for the summer and relax. He discovered that his stepfather had moved out and his mother was cutting herself. Troubled by this, he sought to patch things up between them. But, before he was able to do this, his parents confronted each other in a violent arguement.

Terribly upset, as he was now reliving moments of his tainted childhood, the young man was helpless to do anything. That is, until his stepfather choked his mother so hard, that it broke her neck. The young man sat there, stunned. He just began to scream and scream, until he falls over into shock.

The step-father, now sick with rage and sorrow, trys to seprate the young man from his mother. The young man spring backwards and screams again, grabbing his head, twichting and flailing about. He suddenly stops and pulls out a knife from underneath his shirt. Slowly, he carves the astronomical symbol of Saturn onto his forehead, while grinning. The sight of seeing he mother get killed in front of him made the mental walls that held back his inner rage burst open and caused him to go insane.

He lunged his stepfather and stabbed him with enough force to break thru his breast bone. As the stepfather begins to bleed to death, the young man carves the astronomical symbol of Uranus into his stepfather’s face. Then, as an act of symbolization, he cuts off his stepfathers genitals and throws them into a nearby river.

Not felling any remorse for what he has done, he abandons the bodies there; content that, even if the police does capture him, he will have at least stopped the murderer of his mother. Drunk with the swimming sickness of hundreds of conflicting feelings and emotions, his mind turned to two loose ends: his stepsister and his missing twin.

The stepsister, being very young, was easy to trap. She came home from friend’s house to discover the decaying bodies of her parents. Scared out of her mind, she runs to the phone, only to find her stepbrother presently cooking it on the stove. Confused and frighted, she tries to get him to help, to which he cracks open her head with a scalding hot skillet. Screaming from the pain both the burning and the bleeding, she crawls away to where her parents are. The young man rips off her shirt and carves the symbol of the moon onto her back. He then flips her over and drags the back of the knife down her chest. As he raises the knife to kill her, they both hear and odd rock song blaring from the kitchen. The young man turns to the kitchen doors to see himself standing there with a boom box in one hand and a smoking gun in the other. The young man looks down to see that he’s been shot in the chest six times. He laughs, as does the him in the doorway and falls down dead.

The other him presents himself as the twin that the young man was separated from some two decades ago. The twin professes that he has stalked the family for years, posing the young man if necessary to cause him more psychological damage. In fact, he was the one started their parents’ fatal arguement to begin with. He then wraps his shirt around her and rapes her; her screams going well with the still looping rock song. After he finishes, he picks her and the boom box up and walks out of the house, before she passes out, he whispers into her ear:

“We’ll soon be happy, won’t we?”


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