Frightened, Last

“A Roulette Show for the fearless/ would you like like to give it a try?/ I am a frightened Stalker/I don’t want to waste my chances”

This is the story of the third stalker.
He is one of those paranoid types. Always thinking in the negative, and believing that there is some type of plot against him. with an already weak constitution, his personality makes him the butt of many hurtful jokes among his peers. Even his friends tend to make fun of him, except, with them, it’s much harsher, as they know about him, even the one girl who he actually is friends with.
He soon decides to exact revenge by following many of the people that he is bullied by and those who have reticuled him since his earlier years.
He decides that he’ll do something horrible to one of them; something to make the others know to back off. He decides that murder would be the answer. With each person, he has the chance to kill them, but his paranoia makes him too frightened to act, as he now believes that he, too is being followed.

Each and every time he goes to kill them, he hears the same odd melody playing behind him. It sounds like a foreboding rock sound, but he can’t make out the lyrics until about past half-way through the song, but by then, he’s too scared to stay in the same spot and runs off. After many failed attempts to kill anyone (even his friends) he finally has the gets the chance to kill one of his belittlers by hiding in the bushes of their house.

That’s when someone grabs his shoulder from behind.

Without even looking to see who his assailant is, he shoots them in the chest. As the victim crumples over, he realizes that it was a friend of his who was the sister of his target. She had believed that he had come to see her, and was going to sneak up on him and ruin his surprise. He tries to get her help, but by the time he was able to get to his cell, the target had already happened upon him and her sister’s dying body. Enraged at what had happened, the target beats him to death with his own gun. Her sister tries to reach out to her, but the target wipes off the gun and places in the man’s hands and leaves her sister there with him, saying that she got what she deserved by being friends with someone unpopular and belittled.

As she lays there, slowly bleeding to death, she rolls over to her friend and puts her arms around him. The weight of her body turned on the mp3 player that she had in her pocket and it starts playing the song the boy had kept hearing.

She always was bad at sneaking after people to pry into their business…


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