Dirty, Affected, Frightened, Last

These are the four types of stalkers in the song “Stalker” by the pillows. If you’ve ever watched FLCL before, you’ve heard “Stalker”. A good example is the second episode, FisTa, or FireStarter. In the scene in which Mamimi is praying to The God of Black Flames, “Stalker” is the song that’s playing on the boom-box. “Stalker” is one of those songs that makes me want to write stories about it, just like Palaxy Tracks’ “Twelve Rooms” album. Here are my story ideas.

” A strip show for pigs/ It’s perfect, right?/ I’m a dirty stalker/ I aim to spit”

This is the first stalker.
He’s quiet and unremarkable. Just like Agent !, he can blend into any crowd. Then, random people start to turn up dead on campus. The whole school is in an uproar. That’s when the boy starts to talk to a classmate of his. He states to her that he is the one who killed them.
Each of them had normal bodies that housed dirty souls. If he killed enough of them, then the world at large would be less dirty. The girl is confused and scared out of her mind. The fact that he can kill so ruthlessly is of deep interest to her. She asks if she can watch the next time, and he complies. As he kills his next victim, he hums an odd song. The girl is given a rush by the murder and takes pictures of it. She asks what the name of the song is, but he doesn’t remember. As they walk away, he says that he only likes the first part of the song.
After several more murders, the students realize that the murderer’s M.O. is killing those who hide dirty secrets. The whole student body becomes moral and upright, but only out of fear of death. The boy states that the change he wanted was one out of self-betterment not fear, so he resolves to not only stop his murders, but to also kill himself for becoming dirty. The girl finds that she can’t stand to live without witnessing someone kill another person, so she resolves to kill herself, too. As the two of them are about to shoot themselves in the head, the boy reveals why he thinks he himself is dirty: to discover whether or not if a person was dirty, he would stalk them first. The two hum the strange song together as they kill themselves.


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