Affected, Frightened, Last

“A joker riding in a baby car/ Is it suppose to be funny?/ I’m an affected stalker/ I watch you through the lens”

This is the story of the second stalker.
She is an intellect, but is very shy and innocent. The type who you have to explain non-sequitors to all the time.

However, she has a character flaw: if she becomes attracted to someone, she can’t look them in the face nor talk to them directly.

She usually runs off, ashamed of her inability to be social. Then, one day, she notices something. She notices the windows of a neighboring apartment complex are wide open. She knows the man who lives there, because she has classes with him, and she’s attracted to him. She pulls out a pair of binoculars is shocked to see him making love to a woman. She can’t stop watching and as she stares, the only thing she hears is an odd rock song playing in the background, coming from her TV.
This continues on for several days, and each time, it is a different girl. She disparately lusts after being one of those girls, so she begins to track down every girl that she sees him make love to.
Only one of the girls realizes what she doing, but is found the next day laid flat out in her dorm, dead, with the words “If you got a turn, I should get one, too” written in lipstick across her back.
The combination of watching the sex and killing someone makes the girl more open. The boy finally shows interest in her and makes love to her. However, she can’t handle the fact that she, too, is little more than a one night stand, and kills the boy the next morning. Unfortunately for her, as she is about to write on his back, the boy’s roommate comes in. Horrified, the roommate confronts her and realizes that she committed the other murder, too. The girl breaks down and wails, finally seeing what she has become. She runs off and is never seen again.


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