First Horror Story (Trapped)

I don’t think I can make it much farther.
I’m lucky that I even made it this far.
I can feel my heartbeat quake throughout my entire body, constricting it with every pulse.
Getting a little woozy now.
The last time he caught me, I lost a lot of blood.
I can’t even feel my left arm’s dead weight anymore; too bad he didn’t rip it off completely.
I stop to gather myself; retie the bandages on my body without losing any more blood.

I can hear him.
He’s close.
Far too close.
I can hear his nails scrapping against the walls; cutting deep lines in the metal.

I hear his shambling walk, legs thumping and sliding against the dirty floor. …
It stopped.

I hear him breathing.

He’s above me.
He’s staring at me now, with is coal black eyes; slobbering over my battered body.
I know he wants to finish me off.
It’s just a game now.
I need to run, but he can still grab me from the ceiling; it doesn’t matter that it’s a distance of 17 feet.

I didn’t even see him move.
My left arm’s gone now.
I hear him devouring it now.

I run.
He runs his cold fingernails across my back.
How stupid of me.

It’s kind of funny that I can still feel my spine slide against itself after being thorn apart, but I can’t feel my legs.

It’s starting to hurt to breath.
He could at least wait until I go into shock before he starts eating my shoulders.


Why can’t I die?
He’s just going to wait until my body regrows everything and he’ll do this again.

… ow
I hate this.

I wish I could esscape from this

If only I could hunt him instead… but he’d just make me like him…

I’m trapped here forever

…help me


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