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The First Freeware Friday

Hello all.
Kyoji here with your Wednesday fix for Freeware games. After last Wednesday’s well received demo of Cave Story and Yume Nikki, I’ve decided to post a new freeware game each Friday.

Name: Yume Nikki (Dream Diary)
Developer: Kikiyama
Category: Adventure

Yume Nikki is a little game about a girl who lives in a high rise apartment and has some, well… pretty f’ed up dreams. Once in her dream world, you have 12 different doors to explore. I I’m not going to use the term “worlds”, because within each of these doors lays a dream scape that may or may not lead to any one of the others. There will be events that may happen to you once and NEVER AGAIN. It’s all a matter of insane probability. There are 20-odd items for you to find, some easy to get, others insanely hard to get. BEFORE FOREWARNED. There is some creepy stuff in this game.

(Trivia: Yume Nikki was made using RPG Maker 2000. Also, the game DOES have an ending. Also, IT HAS A SEQUAL!).

Download link: … .10eng.rar

Name: Dōkutsu Monogatari (Cave Story)
Developer: Studio Pixel
Category: Action-Adventure

Dokutsu Monogatari, also known as the ever-popular Cave Story is an example of what a person can do if they put their mind to it. Studio Pixel, comprising of just one guy, created Cave Story over the span of 5 years.
Cave Story is about a boy who finds himself inside of a labyrinth underground cavern. Arming himself with a tiny gun (the mighty Pole Star), and becomes involved in the plight of the Mamigas, a group of cute fuzzy underground people as they fight against an evil plot that could mean the end of the world! With various weapons at your disposal, each being able to level up, multiple endings and a plethora of unforgettable characters, Cave Story harkens back to an earlier age of gaming, when games were marked as being good on the basis of awesome action and great story.

(Trivia: Cave Story is going to be released for WiiWare with a slew of new stuff sometime this year. The makers of the WiiWare version actually went to Japan to get Pixel’s permission and help on the project.)

Download Link:


More Power Rangers!

Good news everyone. Power Rangers will continue to air as usual, so it seems.

How is this news? I’ve been meaning to type up a post about the “supposed” end of Power Rangers, brought on by this New Zealand article about PR’s last season to shoot at its home since 2003 when Power Rangers Ninja Storm began filming in NZ instead of US.

Now, it seems I’ve lucked out. According to a Bandai press release Henshin Justice picked up, PR still lives on!!!

Given, this is a Bandai press release, and I often suspect some amount of communication discrepancy between Bandai and PR parent company Disney, as shown in Bandai of America’s Power Rangers TCG having names not matching the series. Still, I believe this is close as we’ll get, as Disney has been pretty tight lipped about the recent season.

Either way though, Power Rangers RPM has been doing pretty decent, quality wise. The opening episodes really suprised me with how good they actually were, a far cry from the mind-liquifying stupidity of Operation Overdrive just two seasons prior.

Now, how will Disney actually adapt Shinkenger?


Back from MomoCon

This past weekend, a group of us headed down in the wee hours of the morning to Atlanta for the free, two-day convention MomoCon. Sponsored by Anime O-tekku, the anime club of the Georgia Institute of Technology, this was the con’s fifth year. It’s typically held in March at the beginning of the university’s spring break. While it was also on our spring break, it was at the end of it, making Monday morning somewhat unpleasant. Enough about that though and onto the con.

Registration was a fairly long mess at first glance, but it actually moved fairly well. One might wonder why a free con has registration. For one, liability and emergency information. From another standpoint, it gives them demographic data for marketing.

However, despite the registration maintaining a decent line flow, it was flooded Saturday. The convention, held in two buildings on the Georgia Tech campus, eventually set up a satellite registration table in the building registration wasn’t in. This table, by the way, was basically 10 feet away from the MTAC table. Great for us for getting foot traffic by the table. Continue reading ‘Back from MomoCon’


Spring 09 Anime List

I, in conjunction with the Middle Tennessee State University Anime Club, will be tracking and keeping an eye on the list of anime that will be premiring from March to May in 2009.

The list itself is draw from different sources and was compiled by the bittersweet folks on the Yotsuba Channel’s Anime and Manga board.

(Note, this chart will change. I will do my best to update it as soon as the new version of the list comes out!)1236437392582


If You Thought that Jump Ultra Stars was Insane…

In 2005, Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump got it’s first video game in nearly a decade: Jump Super Stars. In it, 160 representatives from 27 different Jump series came together in a Super Smash Brothers style fighting game. A year later, a sequel was released: Jump Ultimate Stars. In Ultimate Stars, a whooping 300 representatives from 41 series were featured, giving players and almost encyclopedic map of Jump History.

For a while, many fans wondered if any other Manga magazines would follow suit with their characters.

It would appear that TWO Companies have decided to do just that!

Sunday x Magazine: Shuuketsu! Choujou Daikessen! is basically the manga magazine equivalent to Capcom Vs SNK. Is has been made in celebration of the 50th anniversaries of both Shonen Sunday and Shonen Magazine. The Game will be released in Japan on the PSP, March 26th.

In the right corner: Weekly Shonen Sunday! Home of various well known series, such as Gegege no Kitaro, All of Rumiko Takehashi’s manga (Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, and Inuyasha), Patlabor, Detective Conan (aka Case Closed), Hayate the Combat Butler, and Yakitate!! Japan.

In the left corner: Weekly Shonen Magazine! Home of equally well knonw series, such as Devilman, Boys Be…, Great Teacher Onizuka, Love Hena, Maho Sensei Negima, and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

The game will feature (as of right now) 30 playible characters (which include Negi Springfield, Mechazawa of Cromartie High School, Inuyasha, Demon Eyes Kyo, Recca Hanabishi, and even Cyborg 009.) Nearly 100 other charatcers will appear as Support characters (this includes the cast of Sayonara Zestubou Sensei) in a some what similar fashion as the support komas of Jump Super/Ultra Stars.

Keep an eye on GONG for any other breaking news on one of the most ambitious manga crossovers of all time!



    ” A rocker who works like an ant/ Are you preparing for winter?/ I am the Last stalker/ I can always have fun”

    This is the story of the last stalker.
    In the past, a certain young man went through a large amount of childhood trauma. He saw his father killed before him; he watched as his mother fought with an abusive boyfriend, which ended up with them moving out of state; he even learned that his mother gave away his twin sibling, after lying for years that he was an only child, all because she wouldn’t be able to buy necessities with two children.

    Like many people, he bottled up his rage, and presented a false happiness to mask his emotional scars. His mother remarried and things were going very well in everyones life. However, his parents constantly argued. After he had spent a year or so in college, the young man decided to come home for the summer and relax. He discovered that his stepfather had moved out and his mother was cutting herself. Troubled by this, he sought to patch things up between them. But, before he was able to do this, his parents confronted each other in a violent arguement.

    Terribly upset, as he was now reliving moments of his tainted childhood, the young man was helpless to do anything. That is, until his stepfather choked his mother so hard, that it broke her neck. The young man sat there, stunned. He just began to scream and scream, until he falls over into shock.

    The step-father, now sick with rage and sorrow, trys to seprate the young man from his mother. The young man spring backwards and screams again, grabbing his head, twichting and flailing about. He suddenly stops and pulls out a knife from underneath his shirt. Slowly, he carves the astronomical symbol of Saturn onto his forehead, while grinning. The sight of seeing he mother get killed in front of him made the mental walls that held back his inner rage burst open and caused him to go insane.

    He lunged his stepfather and stabbed him with enough force to break thru his breast bone. As the stepfather begins to bleed to death, the young man carves the astronomical symbol of Uranus into his stepfather’s face. Then, as an act of symbolization, he cuts off his stepfathers genitals and throws them into a nearby river.

    Not felling any remorse for what he has done, he abandons the bodies there; content that, even if the police does capture him, he will have at least stopped the murderer of his mother. Drunk with the swimming sickness of hundreds of conflicting feelings and emotions, his mind turned to two loose ends: his stepsister and his missing twin.

    The stepsister, being very young, was easy to trap. She came home from friend’s house to discover the decaying bodies of her parents. Scared out of her mind, she runs to the phone, only to find her stepbrother presently cooking it on the stove. Confused and frighted, she tries to get him to help, to which he cracks open her head with a scalding hot skillet. Screaming from the pain both the burning and the bleeding, she crawls away to where her parents are. The young man rips off her shirt and carves the symbol of the moon onto her back. He then flips her over and drags the back of the knife down her chest. As he raises the knife to kill her, they both hear and odd rock song blaring from the kitchen. The young man turns to the kitchen doors to see himself standing there with a boom box in one hand and a smoking gun in the other. The young man looks down to see that he’s been shot in the chest six times. He laughs, as does the him in the doorway and falls down dead.

    The other him presents himself as the twin that the young man was separated from some two decades ago. The twin professes that he has stalked the family for years, posing the young man if necessary to cause him more psychological damage. In fact, he was the one started their parents’ fatal arguement to begin with. He then wraps his shirt around her and rapes her; her screams going well with the still looping rock song. After he finishes, he picks her and the boom box up and walks out of the house, before she passes out, he whispers into her ear:

    “We’ll soon be happy, won’t we?”


    Frightened, Last

    “A Roulette Show for the fearless/ would you like like to give it a try?/ I am a frightened Stalker/I don’t want to waste my chances”

    This is the story of the third stalker.
    He is one of those paranoid types. Always thinking in the negative, and believing that there is some type of plot against him. with an already weak constitution, his personality makes him the butt of many hurtful jokes among his peers. Even his friends tend to make fun of him, except, with them, it’s much harsher, as they know about him, even the one girl who he actually is friends with.
    He soon decides to exact revenge by following many of the people that he is bullied by and those who have reticuled him since his earlier years.
    He decides that he’ll do something horrible to one of them; something to make the others know to back off. He decides that murder would be the answer. With each person, he has the chance to kill them, but his paranoia makes him too frightened to act, as he now believes that he, too is being followed.

    Each and every time he goes to kill them, he hears the same odd melody playing behind him. It sounds like a foreboding rock sound, but he can’t make out the lyrics until about past half-way through the song, but by then, he’s too scared to stay in the same spot and runs off. After many failed attempts to kill anyone (even his friends) he finally has the gets the chance to kill one of his belittlers by hiding in the bushes of their house.

    That’s when someone grabs his shoulder from behind.

    Without even looking to see who his assailant is, he shoots them in the chest. As the victim crumples over, he realizes that it was a friend of his who was the sister of his target. She had believed that he had come to see her, and was going to sneak up on him and ruin his surprise. He tries to get her help, but by the time he was able to get to his cell, the target had already happened upon him and her sister’s dying body. Enraged at what had happened, the target beats him to death with his own gun. Her sister tries to reach out to her, but the target wipes off the gun and places in the man’s hands and leaves her sister there with him, saying that she got what she deserved by being friends with someone unpopular and belittled.

    As she lays there, slowly bleeding to death, she rolls over to her friend and puts her arms around him. The weight of her body turned on the mp3 player that she had in her pocket and it starts playing the song the boy had kept hearing.

    She always was bad at sneaking after people to pry into their business…