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What should we do?

Do we have any regular readers? Probably not regular since that would require regular content. But still, is anyone reading this post? If so, what do you want us to write?

Like our comic? Kyoji’s slowly coming alone with his comic, Pocket Rockman World, and we have more on the way from other contributors.

How about news? What did you think of the Heroes news in the last post? Do you want more geeky news coverage, or is there enough of that on the web?

We don’t have any reviews or social commentary articles up, but if we did, what kind would you most like to read? Remember, we’re a Geek/Otaku/Nerd/Gamer-oriented blog, so what in that area would you like us to sound off on?


Heroes Spin-Offs Like Tuesdays at 8

It’s of the opinion of some Heroes viewers (namely me) that the series hasn’t been quite as good as the first season and that the quality has been slipping. Instead of focusing on a large event jam packed with everyone, Heroes needs to get back to its roots of examining each individual character. What’s the best way to do that? Spin-offs of those characters, of course (via Scott King @ King Films).

In more serious Heroes news, former season 1 staffer Bryan Fuller is returning to the show. Season 1 when the series had its best writing. Fuller in particular wrote the episode “Company Man,” which told the back story of everyone’s favorite horn-rimmed-glasses character, Noah Bennet. It was one of my favorites, completely changing my opinion of the character. I’m excited to see what he’ll do (thanks, Topless Robot).